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Accessing Abortion Care

Everything You Need to Know About Accessing Abortion Care

via MAAP

What we do:

We help you navigate barriers to abortion care and get you the safe, compassionate, affordable abortion care you deserve.

What we cover:

Depending on your needs, we cover the cost of the abortion care appointment and/or practical support costs including travel expenses, lodging, food, and childcare.

Who we help:

We help both Montanans and those seeking abortion care in Montana.

How to get help:

We encourage you to fill out our application for support before, during, or after you’ve scheduled your abortion care appointment.

How to get support accessing abortion care

  1. Book your abortion care appointment
  2. Fill out our application here
  3. If you need support booking your abortion appointment or filling out our application, call or text us at 406-224-7472 or email us at [email protected]
  4. Within 48 hours: we’ll review your application, confirm your appointment with the clinic, and work with you to determine what kind of support you need

What to expect during the process

Support we offer:

  • Financial support paying for your abortion
  • Practical support (travel/lodging/food/childcare)
  • Emotional support

Starting the process:

For any of our support, we start out by reviewing your application (or helping you fill it out).

Confirming your appointment:

Once you’ve completed your application, we confirm your appointment with your clinic.

Not sure where/how to book your abortion care appointment?

  • Check out our resource.
  • Your client care coordinator will also be able to support you through the process of booking an appointment – just ask!

If we’re not able to confirm your appointment, we can’t provide funding.

Tailoring our support to your unique needs:

We reach out to discuss which type(s) of support you requested on your application and what that might look like based on your unique needs.

Financial support:

  • We talk with you about what financial support you need to pay for your abortion care appointment.
  • We pay the clinic directly with the amount we’ve agreed on to cover (depending on your needs and our budget, this could be part or all of the appointment cost).
  • This is NOT a loan system: you are never expected to pay us back. All MAAP support is here to ensure you get the support you need – no fine print necessary.

Practical support:

We talk with you about what practical support you need including covering the costs of:

  • Travel
  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Childcare

Emotional support:

You know your own body and needs best. We’re here to honor and support your ability to make whatever choice is best for you. We’ll never tell you what choice to make; we are here to listen, provide resources and affirmation, and support you through the process.


Regardless of whether you reach out by email, application, or phone call, we’ll go through the same process when we get connected. Whether you contact us by phone, email, or website, your information will only be shared within MAAP and the clinic you choose.

We prioritize your safety and well-being.

Call or Text 406-224-7472

When you call, you’ll reach our voicemail. In your voicemail, please share the following:

  1. Your name
  2. A safe number for us to call back
  3. Whether it’s safe for us to leave a voicemail
    • If it’s not safe, we’ll call back but not leave a voicemail
    • If it’s safe, we’ll call back and leave a voicemail if we don’t reach you
  4. How you prefer we identify ourselves when we call back:
    • We always follow your lead: when we call back, we typically identify ourselves by our first name and organization acronym (MAAP), but will not say Montana Abortion Access Program to protect your privacy.
    • If you have a different way you’d prefer us to identify ourselves, let us know! We prioritize your safety and privacy during this process.

Email [email protected]

Feel free to reach out via email

We’ll send you a link to fill out our application


Fill out your application for support directly on our website

If we don’t hear back from you

We’ll reach out 2-3 times before letting you know that we will not be reaching out again and that you are welcome to be in touch if anything changes.