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Tangibly ensuring abortion access

Montana’s statewide abortion fund exists to bridge the gap between our fundamental right to access abortion care and our actual ability to access this care. When you donate to MAAP, you’re ensuring a person can access their right to abortion care. You’re protecting their bodily autonomy and you’re making space for their empowerment.

Depending on our clients’ needs, we cover the cost of the abortion care appointment, travel, lodging, food, and childcare. We trust our clients to know their bodies and needs best, and work with them to ensure they can access the abortion care they need. We also work closely with all 6 of Montana’s abortion clinics to pay for the cost of the abortion directly.

We believe in mutual aid and taking care of our community: thank you for your solidarity.

One-Time Donation

Make a donation to support folks facing barriers to accessing abortion care.

Monthly Donation

Sustain our work to protect and strengthen abortion access for all Montanans and those seeking care in Montana.

Future Gifts

Discover more about upcoming initiatives and future avenues for giving.

Give Time

Discover different avenues for supporting abortion access and find the perfect way to contribute your generosity. You can join or participate in upcoming events or host an event like a house party, show, silent auction, or online fundraiser.

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